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A Personal Update

Finishing off the third year of my degree whilst working full-time has been somewhat of an undertaking - amazing, fun and empowering, but an undertaking all the same. Maintaining a social life and a healthcare regiment alongside this has meant throwing blog-writing into a box and chucking it into the loft to gather some cobwebs. … Continue reading A Personal Update

Rare Disease Day 2018: Rare and Real

According to Rare Disease Day, 'a disease or disorder is defined as rare in Europe when it affects fewer than 1 in 2000.' Searching for my disease on Orphanet, it turns out that I'm between 1/70,000 and 1/100,000. I have scored the EGPA jackpot, that's for sure! Rare Disease Day addresses the common problems faced; "The … Continue reading Rare Disease Day 2018: Rare and Real

The Scratchworks Theatre present The Snow Beast: A Review

Four incredible women made their way onto Barbican Theatre's humble stage this Saturday, gracing their family audience with a show like no other. After battling through the typical Devonshire elements, I sat down to watch The Snow Beast, a show I'd been highly anticipating for quite some time. Created by The Scratchworks Theatre Company in association … Continue reading The Scratchworks Theatre present The Snow Beast: A Review

Sigalit Landau // Barbed Hula (2001)


Winding through the tourist scattered streets of Málaga on a Sunday afternoon, sun beating down on me, I headed to El Centre de Pompidou, a smaller branch of the world famous contemporary art gallery in Paris. Making my way through the gallery, I stumbled across many striking exhibits, such as ‘Self Portraits’ which featured feminist icon Frida Kahlo’s The Frame (1938), as well as a sincerely thought provoking exhibit, ‘The Man Without A Face’. However, it was the gallery’s segment for ‘The Political Body’ that struck my attention most. This is where I discovered Sigalit Landau, an incredible Israeli female artist who uses video, sculpting, installation and her own body to create political art. Her art was astounding, but her message was even better.


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Plymouth Comedy Club: A Review

The Plymouth Athenaeum opened its doors to the return of the Plymouth Comedy Club on Saturday night, with three main acts greeting the stage. Steve Day, Laura Lexx and Vince Atta all banded together to create a night of laughter, with MC Jim Smallman narrating the evening as a stand in for Chris Brooker. I … Continue reading Plymouth Comedy Club: A Review

Why Would You? A Review

Jon Nash is back at it again with his impressive new production Why Would You?, produced by Barbican Theatre, directed by Jo Loyn and commissioned by Next Steps South West (a consortium of HE providers including Plymouth Uni, Marjon University, PCAD, City College Plymouth and PETROC). The performance is one that I desperately needed when I … Continue reading Why Would You? A Review